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Boating with God on the Wannsee

“God is the oldest work of art. He is quite poorly preserved, and many portions have been haphazardly restored at a later date. But of course it is part of one’s education to be able to talk about him and to have seen the remains.”—Rilke, Florentine Diary

Pity is a kind of hell.

Later, if there is a later,

I might say a word or two about that!

Meanwhile, I fear I've fudged your education:

Packing life's marching orders in, you studied the Morse Code and koinē Khoi to get ahead,

Can send an SOS and know some history.

In striving to retrofit reality

(and still be really, really good in bed,

inseminating species and genera galore),

Sheer insensitivity served me well.

No atheist should aspire to higher station,

And don't suppose mere Dasein makes a nation!

Note: Dasein is "being there," or existence. See


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