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Oh, tell me those things are all done!

Oh, tell me those things are all done!

Snacks temptingly set out on tables.

Guests welcomed and served up a drink.

Old Nastiness consigned to the clink.

Photos admired in an album,

Complete with archival labels.

Ethical investments made

(a morsel for charitable aid).

Books on the bookshelves arrayed,

By author—or whatever style.

Newspapers? A bonfire pile!

Exonerating documents sorted.

Bad moves well and truly aborted.

Weeded the ground wrongly planted

In the neighbors' part of the garden.

Forgiveness not taken for granted—

Some wrongs conceded for pardon.

Banners conclusively furled,

Peace zipping along through the world.

What, then, if these things were all done?


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