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The Ballad of the Useful Idiots

How they got to script this scene

it’s not granted us to know.

(Back in nineteen seventeen

they did a deal with So-and-So.)


The magic name of Lenin

and the mystic fame of Marx

stirred up dreams of Heaven

and treason of the clerks.


John Reed wrote his paen

Ten Days That Shook the World.

Soon everyone was sayin',

"Go get that flag unfurled!"


But when the folds unfolded

they made the blood run cold.

Our youthful hearts soon gelded

were sick to death of old.

Moreover, just across the board,

the wealth of J. P Morgan,

the cars of Henry Ford--

how could all that be forgone?

They did what you were done by.

You were done by what they did.

No use now to weep and sigh--

all that’s left us is to kid!


The wiseacres are still wondering

what the hell we're supposed to do.

The fires of hell are raging.

How now your other shoe?


Putin’s comfy in his Kremlin,

J. P. Morgan in his tomb.

Musk, or some other gremlin,

will soon spiffen up the moon!


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