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The Singularity and the Sideshow

“Think of it like having your phone, but in your brain. If you ask a question your brain will be able to go out to the cloud for an answer similar to the way you do on your phone now – only it will be instant . . . and you won’t realise it has been done. “—Ray Kurzweil*

When Achilles races the Tortoise

The reptile always wins,

Because it has a headstart.

Achilles has his sins.†

When smartness races stupidity

The outcome’s just the same.

Garbage in = garbage out’s

The info in your brain.

For optimists are always wrong

And pessimists are right:

We were not born for happiness

But sorrow in the night.

The Singularity will look upon

A world at best destroyed.

By nuclear war and wet-bulb temps

The Cloud won’t be annoyed!

Human history, said Mr. G,

’s the history of crime.

Best embrace what you have now.

There’ll be no other time.


(The name Kurzweil in German means pastime, diversion, amusement, or jest.)


June 30, 2024


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