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Crazy Jane and the FOMC

(after W. B. Yeats)


Minou feels more is better.

There are kibbles in her dish

But that you serve another scoop

Is quite her dearest wish.

You, too, feel more is better.

Drusilla cheers your bed,

But Rosamund's Dick’s desire,

Domatilla gets ahead.

Billionaires feel more is better.

They’re drowning in the green,

But crave more and more of it,

So it would ever seem.

God feels more is better.

S/he’s just had a Big Bang

But now she wants another,

The greedy gravid thang!

I don’t think more is better,

But want a scrap of truth

To sweeten these supposings.

Love is a lion’s tooth.


FOMC = Federal Open Market Committee


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