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“Pigasus, also known as Pigasus the Immortal and Pigasus J. Pig, was a 145-pound (66 kg) domestic pig that was nominated for President of the United States as a theatrical gesture by the Youth International Party on August 23, 1968, just before the opening of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois.”—Wikipedia



Fifty-six years ago, denied Secret

Service protection, Pigasus J. Pig

was arrested by Chicago police

on unstated charges. The Yippie leader

Jerry Rubin read his speech for him: "I,

Pigasus, announce my candidacy

for Presidency of America . . .”

Some facts: Hubert Horatio Humphrey

Jr. lost to Richard Nixon by less than

1 percent (“Dump the Hump,” the people said).

1,353,00 humans died in the Vietnam War.

Last year, 128 million pigs, it's reported,

give or take a few hundred thousand, were

slaughtered in these States—supposedly

humanely. Once again, this August, a

Democratic National Convention

is scheduled in Chicago. Déjà vu all over again!

History, Karl Marx mused,

repeats itself—first tragedy, then farce,

but these, I think, are simultaneous.

Speaking from an undisclosed location,

Pigasus Jr. declined when asked to run:

“It’s still the same old hornswoggled nation,

tant pis. Y’all are just as hooked on bacon!”


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