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Proprioception is the sense of yourself

Relayed by neurons in your muscles, tendons and joints,

Which merging with the evidence of your eyes

And the vestibular noise and signal transmitted by your ears

Creates the world into which you awake

It’s 5 a.m. and I’m a little stiff from weedwacking the “back forty” yesterday,

but a bit of yoga should fix that

In the pantry cupboard I see curry powder, kibbles, and gin,

among many other good things,

And on the radio, out of Salzburg via WTJU, hear played a passacaglia from the Mystery Sonatas of Heinrich Ignaz Biber.

So far, then, all’s OK!

I jot these things down, frivolously judge them a poem

and want immediately to send them to you, unknown hearer

It seems important that you should know them

though they don’t rhyme and any meter’s entirely accidental.

Anyhow, good morning! Καλημέρα!


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