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The Fourth of July

Once more in the mirror our reflection,

Hang-dog, dopey, filled with such dejection,

What celebrate, this music to admire,

Hopes nugatory, and feet to the holy fire?

—Gemistòs Kaēmós (Venice, ca 1453–54)

Good morning and happy Independence Day. Our travel weekend is getting off to an uncomfortable start, with chimeras and basilisks in the east. Expect fireworks this evening—the bird and insect apocalypse is underway! A hot and humid air mass will persist for half a million years or so, give or take a millennium or two.  We are tracking a cold front to our west. Paris and several other major European cities are reported to have disappeared. Showers and scattered thunderstorms will develop, but the holiday will not be a washout—the next ten thousand  years or so are trending drier. A good deal of transubstantiation is expected, with flesh and blood becoming bread and wine, or vice-versa. Jesus Christ Themself is unlikely to make an appearance. Have a great and safe holiday!


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