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Yersinia pestis

Carrying the coffins of victims of the Black Death in Flanders in 1349

Did the Black Death perhaps reach America and sub-Saharan Africa too?

Thinking about the mysterious disappearing mound builders

noted all over the Americas (for example, the enormous earthworks at Poverty Point in Louisiana), I am wondering whether plague bacilli, Yersinia pestis, did not perhaps reach the New World too in the mid-fourteenth century, perhaps arriving on the Pacific Coast by ship, as did happen in fact in 1899:

Note this striking parallel in sub-Saharan Africa:

"Akrokrowa in Ghana . . . was a farming community surrounded by an elliptical ditch and high earthen banks, one of dozens of similar “earthwork” settlements in southern Ghana at the time. But sometime in the late 1300s, Akrokrowa and all the other earthwork settlements were abandoned."

Which might also explain the abandonment of Great Zimbabwe!


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